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    AI teams create trades based off of the Madden 21 coins status as a team. Rebuilding, Purchasing, Contending. Teams which are rebuilding will offer you a trade for their big star for a high return of picks. Teams that are contending/buying will exchange their selections more frequently to complete the roster or could make a big difference. (Like the Rams) Entirely redefine the transaction system and team requirements. First selections need to be more precious and teams that are looking to maintain their high pick will require a lot of convincing to make a trade.

    Awards needs to be changed. QBs consistently win and you see a lot of teams with losing records having a person finish full of voting. Same thing with coaches.

    Sim needs to be tweaked. A 90 defense overall shouldn’t rank dead last in defense for the season or offer up a touchdown each driveway.

    Free Agency. . Make it more exciting! You compete with groups together with all the points system based off your offer into the player however about: Your teams marketplace can play a huge role in signing someone. Depending on the participant. Injured players will probably be more economical and signal smaller deals or even just a minimal to establish themselves.

    They seem goofy and pretty much identical to one another. Edit: Added a couple more and it’s mostly off the top of my head and what my buddies and I’ve talked about.

    This. So much. Also if they just worked on buy Mut 21 coins uniforms (create them move marginally independent of the player, flap at the wind, so they feel like clothes hanging off of a participant rather than a uniform paint job on a model). . Think hair physics but with outfits.

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