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    I have never understood the nba 2k21 mt coins point of supporting some sports games every year. Full price for nominal gameplay updates and an updated roster is a rip off.

    I adore sports. I enjoy playing sports matches. Watching sports. Playing with irl. However, you will not catch me dead playing any one of these garbage franchises.

    He is. But he’s maximizing value:attempt a lot longer, taking away parts of the game which were marginal but useful to keep the big hunks that makes him .

    Yeah Jokic will always be one of these guys that is better in real life than in a video gameSeriously you can’t program Jokics creative moves and decision into a videogame. Even if I give him maximum passing evaluations, he is dripped dimes I haven’t seen CP3 do. Additionally decision-making is entirely on the guy controlling him. My dumb ass doesn’t Understand How to hedge screens or run bend at any degree resembling Jokic Like his pass vision stat is reduced than LaVines therefore thats absurd.

    How can pass vision even work in 2K? The player has a bird’s eye perspective of the courtroom and the players make the passes you tell them to.

    Yeah but you probably won’t only intentionally attempt to foul a man every single time you create a dumbass playwith.

    It is always quite dumb fouls though. You’re standing on the cheap nba 2k21 mt side with the ball, tap square and simply clothesline that the fuck out of the man. Like”I’m pretty certain that’s not exactly what I advised you to do.” My whole defensive scheme is pressing”steal” till I get a reach-in foul

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